1. 合成ダイヤモンドやCBN(立方晶窒化ホウ素)輸入・販売のグローバルダイヤモンド
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It is the purpose of using customers' information(henceforth "Personal information. ") by GLOBAL DIAMOND CO.,LTD.(hereinafter, "us" or "we"). Our company recognizes the importance of protection of personal information, complies with relative laws concerning protection of personal information, and takes care of personal information appropriately.
  • Purpose of Use
  • 適用範囲
The purpose of use that our company acquires user's personal information is as follows. It specifies the purpose of use beforehand if the purpose is not specified as one of the below.
1. to examine user's authentication
2. to examine user's authentication
3. to total, to analyze personal information, and to make the statistical data in the form that cannot be specified the individual.
  • Appropriate Acquisition
  • 適正な取得
We acquire personal information in a proper manner and do not acquire personal information through wrongful or deceptive means.
  • Provide to Third Parties
  • 第三者への提供
Our company will not provide personal information with a third party except for the following.
1. when the company or the group receives consent from the user beforehand.
2. to comply with the law.
3. to protect personal life, the property when it's necessary and difficult to obtain the user's consent.
4. for the improvement of public health or promotion of child's healthy development when it's necessary and difficult to obtain the user's consent.
5. when our company should cooperate with the national organizations or the local public entities or when the consignment accomplishes the work that the law requires, and when it's deemed to cause the obstacle for the accomplishment of the work concerned by obtaining the user's consent.
  • Secure Management
  • 安全管理
We take the appropriate measures to prevent leakage of, loss of, or damage to personal information.
  • For the acquisition and use of the attribute information and behavioral history that does not identify an individual

In our web site, using the program provided by the third party, such as ad delivery business, to deliver advertising and behavioral targeting advertising (site browsing information in a particular site in accordance with the user's interests on the basis of advertising methods), and site management, it is a measurement of the access situation.
In that case, we use the Cookie to collect the user's site visit history information (however, does not include any information that can identify and identify the individuals).
Third parties such as advertising delivery business can use the Cookie ad delivery and based on past visits to your website, site management, it is a measurement of the access situation.
This ad or users that wish to disable the measurement to access the opt-out page of a third party, such as ad delivery business person, you can disable the use of Cookie.
Change of the browser, in case of a change Cookie Delete and to the new PC of you must be set again.
Get click the following URL will be the opt-out is complete.

  • Others
  • その他
Inquiries are subject to agreement concerning the basic policies on privacy. Our company might revise the privacy policy in accordance with the changes with the law and other standards, etc. to attempt the protection of user's individual information. Our company will inform users on the homepage when there are revisions.
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