TI(Toughness Index) Inspection

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  4. TI(Toughness Index) Inspection

Crushing test is the one of the most popular measurement test to check the grain's toughness. Especially ball-milling method has advantage as a simple principle, but some tips are needed to obtain the accurate result.

  • ・Pretreatment of sample (extraction of sample powder and sieving)
  • ・Maintain crushing ball and capsule (bore, dent and parallelism of cap)
  • ・Sieve and measurement of milled abrasive grain (deal of abrasive grain, sieving and weight measurement)
  • ・Evaluation of its test result and retest
  • device configuration

Crushing test device; flyability tester, or ball milling machine) :the device gives reciprocating motion to installed capsule.


  • =Standard Specification=
  • Frequency:2400rpm
  • Range of Oscillation:8.0mm
  • Capsule:Plane-end-cap and hemisphere are installed in capsule of cylinder type.
  •               Application limit is about 100 times    
  • Ball:2g (Use new one every each test is reccomended)
  • Sieve:φ75mm Standard Sieves
  • Other Items: Electronic Scale, Cleaning Brush, etc
  • operation procedure

sample preparation 

Prepare the well-mixed grains, and extracted from "On-sieve" powder after using sieve shaker.


Check the capsule condition, and put 2cts of sample grains. Turn on the milling machine for "warm-up".


Estimate the time as about 50% garins being crushed, considering the garins type and its size. Crushing test shall be done with the estimated time, and more than 2 times are needed.

measurement of crushed-abrasive grain

Sieving the crushed-abrasive grain, and weight the on-size grains.

  test1: Rotating Number:A ( "On sieve" weight after milling / Sample weight 2cts)×100= C%
  test2: Rotating Number:B ( "On sieve" weight after milling / Sample weight 2cts)×100= D%
  TI (50% crushed as Rotating Number basis)=A+(50-C)×(A-B)/(C-D)

  • consideration in abrasive grain strength measurement

・This measurement method could offer the test result as only the comparison data. Therefore, it suit to the toughness inspection compared to its standard grains. 

・The result number could not compared to the other one done by other devices.

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