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Following are the typical and frequent inquires and questions we are receiving from our clients.
Please feel free to CONTACT US about the question which is not in the following.

  • How much is the minimum order?
    Usually, more than 0.5Million cts diamond powder and CBN powder are in our office as a stock.
    From these stock, 100cts is minimum quantity for one order.
    For other products, it depends on minimum "production" quantity, so please feel free to contact us with your requests.

  • Can you supply custom-sized powders?
    For mesh size, custom order to remove coarser or finer powder using specific sieving is available.
    For micron size, custom order with requested D50(median size) could be prepared from our huge stock.

  • Can you submit your own inspection report with products?
    Please feel free to contact us what kind of inspection you are requesting for.

  • Can you make your own evaluation and offer an improving solution for us?
    From our variety products, reasonable powder could be proposed as the replacement for the powder being used currently.
    Please feel free to contact us with your application, and the current powder name.

  • Can you supply any other products specially coated or surface treated?
    Coating line-up introduced on this home page is only general line-up.
    Please feel free to contact us about the other coated or treated products which you are looking for.
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